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The Triple L Project: Ghana

The Triple L Project is currently working with schools in the Volta Region in Ghana. It provides disadvantaged children with an opportunity to embrace Literacy and improve their level of success in Primary School and beyond.

Project Development Officer Kristian Braeuer, traveled back to Ghana in June (2014) and was able to meet with principals, teachers and students to discuss how the books and computers we donate are having an impact on the children's lives. He constantly liaises with our Ghanaian partners to ensure efficient, cost effective supply of resources to needy schools. 


You too can bring the joy of reading to the disadvantaged children of Ghana




Providing Books to Ghanaian Primary Schools

​​What's been happening lately?

October 2023

Books and Computers

Grace International Juapong, Christ Kinder School Limited, Global Academy School, Juapong Methodist Primary, Dorfor Gborkorpe D/A Primary- 6 computers total

June 2022

Books- Dorfor Adidome D/A Primary School, Afaode Gborkpo D/A JHS, Afaode Gborkpo D/A Primary School, Volo EP Primary School, Kpekpo Horne D/A JHS, Atitekpui-Tagadzi Methodist JHS

Computers- Two computers provided for 3 of the above schools


Books- Torgome E.P Primary School, Torgome  D/A JHS, Azagunorkorpe Primary School, Bukarikorpe D/A Primary, Bukarikorpe D/A JHS

Computers- E. P. Primary School, Juapong, Azagunorkope D/A JHS, Agorxor D/A Primary school, Bukarikorpe D/A JHS, Torgome E.P Primary School


Books- New Generation International Preparatory School Juapong x 2, RETC School Complex Frankadua, Fodzoku R.C Primary, Fodzoku R.C JHS, Krismisako International complex JHS- Juapong

Computers- Asikuma Presby Primary x 2, Osiabura JHS x 2, Asempaneye D/A Primary x 2, Asikuma D/A JHS x 2



Books- Kluma D/A Primary, Kluma D/A JHS, Fodzoku Basic Primary, Fodzoku Basic JHS, Shine International preparatory primary, Shine International Preparatory JHS

Computers- Labolabo D/A primary x2, Nkwakubew Presby Primary x2, Juapong D/A JHS x2, Juapong Methodist JHS x2



Books- Agotime Afegame EP Primary, Agorxor D/A Primary, Kpomkpo EP Primary, Kpomkpo D/A JHS, Adome D/A Primary

Computers- Agotime Afegame EP Primary (x2), Fintey Methodist Primary (x2), Fintey D/A JHS (x2), Osiabura Presby Primary (x2), Juapong Presby Primary (x2)

Books- Apeguso Presby JHS, Anyansu D/A JHS, Juapong Methodist JHS, Juapong Textiles D/A JHS, Anyansu Presby Primary, Delanyo Int. Academy Frankadua and Christ the King Academy Juapong, Ankyease D/A JHS, Ankyease D/A Primary, New Senchi RC Primary, New Senchi RC JHS, Aflukakpoe D/A LHS (Juapong)

Computers- Frankadua RC JHS (x2), Frankadua D/A JHS (x2)



Books- Frankadua L/A JHS, Asikuma D/A JHS, Podoe D/A JHS, Juapong EP JHS, Dededo D/A Primary, Podoe EP Primary, Tsikpoe D/A Primary, Aflukakpoe D/A Primary and Sanga Methodist Primary, Aboasa Presby Primary, Podoe EP Primary, Juapong RC Primary, Anyensu Presby Primary and Juapong Methodist Primary, Asikuma D/A JHS, Nkwakubew Presby JHS, Frankadua R.C JHS, Frankakua L/A JHS, Osiabura L/A JHS and Fintey L/A JHS

Books- Juapong D/A Primary School, Juapong Textiles LTD Primary School, Nnudu Presbyterian Primary School, Apeguso Quarter D/A Primary School, Apeguso Presbyterian Primary School,

Osiabura Presbyterian Primary School, Asempaneye D/A Primary School, Asikuma Presbyterian Primary School, Mpakadan Presbyterian Primary School, Lobolabo L/A Primary school, Nkwakubew Presbyterian Primary School, Fintey Methodist Primary School, Abomayaw D/A Primary School, Avedzi D/A Primary School, EP Primary School (Juapong), Aflukakpui L/A Primary School, RC Primary School, Baptist Primary School (Frankadua) and our very first school, EP Primary School (Frankadua) 

SPECIAL THANKS to the staff, students and parents of
Saint Francis Xavier Catholic School in Runaway Bay for their many years of financial support through the annual date night.
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